Baggensgatan 12, 2tr

Gamla Stan , Stockholm
Planskiss Spara Dela

83 m²


11 895 000 kr



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Historical two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Stockholm

In Gamla stan, the Old town, where the city was birthed in Medieval times, there is now this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a part of history when an apartment just outside of Köpmannatorget is for sale. As you make your way over the cobblestones to Baggensgatan number 12 you will find yourself surrounded by historical landmarks and a sense of preservation. At the entrance, stone stairs and a heavy wooden gate hide this gem built in the 17th century with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a generous living room, a kitchen and dining hall. The 310 centimetres high walls, arched doorframes and large windows with deep window niches are just a few of the features that makes this home truly special. The apartment is a freehold home/redeemed, meaning that you own one fifth of the entire building. Please note that this home cannot be used as collateral with the bank.   Interior   The hallway might be smaller, nevertheless this is just the start of something great. As you enter the apartment the dining hall welcomes you with two large windows that gives incredible light and air to the room. This spacious feeling grows even more as you step over into the living room where the large windows are six in total, facing two directions. These two rooms together create a true social space where you can entertain large, as well as small, companies of guests. Connecting to the living room is the kitchen, where you will find a good set of cabinets and space for cooking.    The home harbours two bedrooms, one on each end. Both are of good size with lots of light coming in from large windows. There are a total of three tiled stoves, one each in the dining hall, the living room and one of the bedrooms. The bathroom is to be found from the hall. The tiles covering the walls come in a blue shade whereas the floor tiles are white. The room is equipped with a bathtub, cabinet and washing machine as well as toilet and basin.    What’s more   Stockholm’s Old town is an area full of lovely restaurants and coffee shops, as well as attractions and cultural sightings. Close by you will find the Castle, Storkyrkan and the water down by Skeppsbron with hotel Reisen. With just a short walk you are over to Kungsträdgården, Grand hotel and Skeppsholmen or why not take the ferry over to Djurgården? There are also buses and subways connecting this part to the rest of Stockholm. Here you will live in the very hub of Stockholm, enjoying the very best of what the Swedish capital has to offer!  ANDELSÄGARLÄGENHET  -ANDELSÄGARLÄGENHET- Detta är en andelsägarlägenhet och man köper 20% av hela fastigheten (huset). Man söker även lagfart på sin 1/5 av fastigheten.  Man kan i dagsläget inte belåna lägenheten pga. att resterande hus tillåter inte pantsätta fastigheten som man delar på.  Det finns inga avgifter till någon förening och heller inga skulder som belastar fastigheten, Man betalar endast för det som belastar sin 20% del av fastigheten.  Denna bostad kan ägas av juridik person och du kan även hyra ut denna bostad.

Övrig information


Stadsplan: Staden mellan broarna (1980-12-23) Ändring av DP: Gamla stan (2002-08-15)


Typ av yta Antal Area m2
Bostad 83



10 800 kr/år


11 895 000 kr


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Teknisk information

Byggår: 1600

TV: Bredbandsbolaget

Fasad: Puts

Fönstertyp: 2-glas

Ventilation: Självdrag

Vatten/avlopp: Kommunalt VA

Uppvärmning: Direkt el

Baggensgatan 12, 2tr