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Playce will in a unique way build a platform for a lifestyle of the future in Kista Science City.


Playce will by offering a complex for sport and wellbeing together with housing, hotel, shoping, restaurants and offices providing generous space for social life and leisure. Playce in Kista is strategically located at the heart of one of the world’s fastest developing innovation centres, Kista Science City. This will make Playce an international symbol for an active life style of the future.
  • Total yta

    49500 m2

Ytor Min Max Kr/m2/år
Kontor 1 000 8 000
Butik 1 000 1 500
Övrigt 2 000 40 000



Akalla 4:1




Företag i närheten:

Kista Science City is an innovation cluster where industry, academia and the public sector in 1986 got together and formed the Electrum Foundation. The aim was to make the region a world-leading center for electronics research. In the 1990s it became obvious that excellence in the region were in radio and telecommunications, these days known as ICT. Today the Electrum Foundation is a living example of collaboration between the public sector, the business community and academia in a so called triple helix structure. This model of cooperation, often referred to as the Kista model, has been in operation for 30 years and plays a crucial role in Kista Science City’s identity and traditions. The close collaboration between academia, research and business is the key that will continue to develop Kista as one of the world´s leading ICT-regions.






Subway, commuter train and buses (tram, the whole first phase of Ursvik is expected to be completed in 2021 and the second stage - to Kista and finally Helenelund - will be completed in 2023)


Yes. The E4 is part of the national highway network and one of the most important transport routes in the Stockholm area. On the stretch, every day passes up to 140,000 vehicles.

Övrig information


Playce is planned to be built in the northern part of Kista, in the area between Torshamnsgatan and the E4 highway and directly adjoining the future residential area Kista Äng. Playce will be the first project in the area north of Torshamnsgatan’s new route, which means that the project will set the trend for the structure of the area. The development will follow the structure plan for Kista Science City which was adopted by the Stockholm City Council in 2003. The proposal involves a land area of about 18,000 sq.m. and the preliminary plan is that it should provide just over 100,000 sq.m. of Gross Total Area. The land is expected to be held mainly on leasehold, and the Owner has drawn up a land allocation contract together with the City of Stockholm.

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James Mehks

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0761 VISA NR 0761 75 00 41

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